Good Mornings with Dahlia Kurtz

Listen to Dahlia Kurtz (Good Mornings with Dahlia Kurtz) speak with Director of Development Courtney Rock about Perley Health Remembrance Day, and the Sponsor a Flag Campaign. 

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A Home Where Music, Camaraderie and Care Live in Perfect Harmony

"All the people are simply wonderful to my family and me. An atmosphere of genuine caring is palpable through staff, volunteers, and, of course, donors like you who support so much of what makes Perley Health special. After reading my story, I hope you will consider a gift at this special time of the year. "

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2020 Perley Health Report on the Professional Development Fund

Thank you to Perley Health Foundation and the generous support of the donors for $15,000, to support the professional development of Perley Health staff. Although, 2020 was a different year and there was little “face-to-face” training, healthcare workers continued to grow and learn.

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