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Let me tell you of the positive impact your donations make in the quality of life of Seniors and Veterans at Perley Health. My mother is one of them. My Mom, Norma McKnight, is 103 years old, lives with dementia and is in a wheelchair. Since 2019, Perley Health has been her home and where she is living her best life possible. As a donor, you make this possible.

My Mom has lived a full and vibrant life filled with the love of her family, a passion for music and gardening, devotion to her church, and so much more. She and my Dad were married for 59 years, raising my brother Don and me. My father, Art, was an amateur champion tennis player, and my Mom was his biggest fan, cheering him on at the Rideau Lawn Tennis Club and elsewhere.

Mom was gifted with tremendous, natural musical talent, playing the piano by ear. She could make any song her own, even Oh Canada, with a jazzy rendition. So many of my memories include Mom playing the piano as friends and relatives stood around participating in a lively sing-along. She hasn’t been able to play the piano or even say much for a while. While most of the time , she keeps her eyes closed, she is awake and listening to sounds around her. Thanks to you, I know she still loves her music.

Not long ago, on one of my frequent visits to see Mom, we attended a concert. Her eyes were closed as I pushed her wheelchair into Lupton Hall. As the first beautiful notes began to play, I glanced at Mom and - her eyes were open! My Mom’s eyes stayed open as the music played for nearly an hour. I was so moved when I noticed a few tears trickle down her cheek.

Thanks to you, I have new musical memories with my Mom.

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Without your regular donations to Perley Health, moments like the ones my Mom and I shared at a concert recently would be much harder to come by. So much of what helps Seniors and Veterans live their best lives is because of you.

Music, art, games, horticultural therapy, and so much more are a special part of many residents’ lives because of the Ozerdinc Grimes Family Therapeutic Recreation and Creative Arts Program, supported in part by donors like you.

When you give to Perley Health, you make programs and memories possible. I give thanks every day that my mother is still a part of my life.

One of my life goals has been to give back to improve the lives of others through volunteering and giving. I believe donating to improve care is critically important, a no-brainer, and monthly giving is convenient.

I am asking you to join me in making a monthly gift. When you become a monthly donor, you will bring hope, control and peace of mind to all the families who depend on long-term care for their loved ones.

You will probably agree that being a child of an aging parent can be a source of joy, comfort, special memories and sometimes stress. We all want the best care for our parents and peace of mind for ourselves.

When you give, you do so much to ensure our Seniors have access to dignity, exceptional care and quality of life. You also provide peace of mind to their families who love them.

Will you join me in being a monthly donor today?

Thank you for your time, and I hope my letter touches you in a meaningful way. Best wishes for a hopeful and enjoyable Spring.

Take care,


Wendy Nicklin, RN (Non-practising) 
Daughter, Mother, Monthly Donor


PS: When I worked as a Nurse, I frequently experienced and appreciated the impact of the generosity of donors. As a Perley Health resident’s daughter, I am always grateful for your generosity. Thank you for all you do for people like my Mom.