Donate A Car FAQ

How, and by whom, is vehicle value established?

There are two possible sale procedures that help maximize the highest donation amount possible: auto recycling and auctioning. You will be thoroughly advised of these options and details.

If a vehicle is selected for our recycle process, the donation amount for a recycled vehicle is dependent on the area in which it is located, and what the market will pay for the year/make/model at the time. The vehicle will be picked up by our towing agent at no cost to you. Towing is included for all recycled vehicles.

Alternatively, we can process a vehicle through our auction and re-sale agents. There are many factors that go into qualifying a vehicle for sale by auction/re-sale. These include, but are not limited to, drivability, mechanical condition, age, damage, visual appearance, and odometer reading.

All vehicles sold at auction are sold with an “as is” and “unreserved” (sold to the highest bidder) status. This ensures the sale is final, and protects you from having to provide a warranty to the buyer.  Processing costs are deducted from the sale price.  These costs may include lien searches, towing, gas, cleaning, auction fees, and administrative fees.  After these deductions are applied, the net sale amount is processed through CanadaHelps, and sent to your charity of choice.  CanadaHelps then sends a tax receipt to the vehicle owner for that amount.  

*Please note that the Kelly Blue Book and its competitor, the Black Book, are not typically reliable sources in determining value for donated vehicles. We rely on our agents to provide us current market information in determining best process on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis.

Is there a minimum donation outcome?

While auction outcomes can be unpredictable (providing a range of donations from just a few dollars up to thousands of dollars) and the metal market can fluctuate, we ensure that you are aware of the current minimum donation amount at the time of your donation. Your individual outcome is determined by many variables, including the current market price, size/age/model and mileage on the vehicle, and your location.

How is the vehicle title/ownership managed?

The transfer of ownership begins when you sign the back of the official vehicle registration. Our agents complete the process on behalf of you. It is completed when the vehicle sells.

How does my charity of choice receive funds through this donation process?                                                                               

The funds will be disbursed to your charity of choice directly from CanadaHelps. Once your charity of choice has received the funds, CanadaHelps will issue and distribute a tax receipt directly to you.

How does Donate a Car Canada keep you informed of their process?

Our team of personally engaged and caring team members works diligently to ensure that you have access to support and detailed information about your vehicle donation at every turn. If you need clarity about some aspect of the donation process with us, please call our toll-free number 1-877-250-4904.

For your own detailed understanding, here are some of the key pieces of information we provide:

  • An email that outlines the recycle, or auction process, depending on what is applied to your vehicle. This is typically sent within two hours of your submission being complete.
  • Contact information for your supporting recycle agent and our own contact information for both email and telephone communications. 
  • A link to our Metal Monster blog post, explaining in detail why the market is up or down.
  • Follow-up emails to indicate when your gift is in the accounting process, and when your gift has been disbursed to your charity of choice.

My question isn’t answered here – who can I talk to about this?

You are always welcome to call the toll-free line (1-877-250-4904), and a coordinator will be happy to help.