Couple Makes Leadership Gift to Campaign


Inspired by a rich family history of supporting Veterans, Françoise Gagnon and John Jarvis have made a significant donation to the Answering the Call Campaign. Both have Veterans in their family—Fran’s maternal grandfather and paternal uncle, along with John’s father and uncles, served overseas during the Second World War. In 2014, Françoise Gagnon took up the reins at ADGA, alongside her husband John. Founded in 1967 by her father, ADGA is a Canadian leader in providing engineering solutions to the Department of National Defence.

“My father is strongly committed to Veterans, and to the Canadian Forces and the defence community,” says Françoise Gagnon, former owner and CEO of ADGA. “It was a tradition I was proud to carry forward. When my father needed specialized care, we were comforted to know that he would receive best-in-class care at Perley Health.”

“Françoise and I recognize that Perley Health delivers exceptional care,” says John, ADGA’s former COO. “In light of the crisis facing Canada’s healthcare and long-term care system, we appreciate Perley Health’s expertise in ageing and frailty and their efforts to transform care for this growing demographic in our population.”

Inspired by his knowledge of Perley Health, John joined Perley Health Foundation’s Answering the Call Campaign Cabinet as co-chair. Perley Health is asking people of all ages across all its communities to support the $10 million Answering the Call Campaign for innovation and excellence in Seniors and Veterans care.

“The work being done by the Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care will fan out across Canada,” says Françoise Gagnon. “The research findings, the partnerships, the new models of care will benefit all Canadians. This is important to us and we’re proud to be able to support it.”

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