I'm running for...

This May, Team Perley Health will participate in Ottawa Race Weekend while raising funds for the Foundation.  Team member Lisa says:

"I am running for my grandfather, John R. Newell, who lives at Perley Health.  He moved in last June and is so pleased with the kind of care he has received - my family and I are impressed too!"

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Canada’s Women Veterans to be Honoured at Perley Health

Female Veterans of the Second World War and the Korean War will be honoured on Tuesday, March 6, as part of International Women’s Week celebrations at Perley Health. During the event, each of the 44 female Veterans who live at Perley Health will receive a special shawl handmade by Mylène Levesque.

The event is also a fundraiser for the Perley Health Foundation, whose mission is to support the care of seniors and Veterans residing at Perley Health. Admission is free; a silent auction will be held and High Tea will be served.The event is sponsored by Beechwood Funeral, Cemetery, and Cremation Services, Home of the home of the National Military Cemetery, the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery and the Ottawa Police Service Memorial Cemetery.

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Ted Griffiths and the Reconciliation Dinner

Major (ret'd) Edmund (Ted) Griffiths, CD, now spends much of his time reading, and chatting with fellow Veterans and other residents of Perley Health. The peaceful, caring environment stands in stark contrast to some of his experiences during a lifetime of service to Canada.

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The Irrepressible Connie Sandilands

Since moving in to Perley Health, Connie Sandilands spends as much time as possible in the arts-and-crafts studio and woodworking shop. Given her background, it comes as no surprise that the 96 year-old likes to stay busy.

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What Goes Around, Comes Around

For decades, Bud Hannam rarely talked about his wartime experiences. In recent years, though – since remarrying and attending D-Day celebrations abroad – he has begun to share his remarkable and inspirational stories.

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OSAA and Perley Health

If you have “… no home to go to – come here. The staff spoil us. In fact, it’s a little embarrassing you know”. These are the opening remarks of Mr.Gerald Bowen, a resident at Perley Health during the reception mounted by the Ottawa Service Attachés Association (OSAA) last night. OSAA is an association of the Defence Attachés from around the world and posted to Ottawa and who have taken Perley Health under their wing to raise money and to try and make life better for the veterans served by Perley Health.

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Proud to Do Her Part

"It's payback time." That's the explanation Louise Estwick gives when asked why she chose to donate to the Perley Health Foundation in her will.  Louise and her late husband Sam Estwick both devoted much of their lives to community service.  "We always felt that we should do our part," she says simply.

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