Priority needs

Priority Needs List

Perley Health's Resident Priority Needs List for 2024

Supporting exceptional care for Seniors and Veterans at Perley Health.


  • THERAPEUTIC RECREATION AND CREATIVE ARTS PROGRAM Your support will help to fund programs to meet the needs of all residents and tenants who call the Perley Health home ($120,000)

  • Summer Youth Volunteer Program Funding the Summer Youth Volunteer Program ($5,000).

  • SPECIALIZED TRAINING AND STAFF BURSARIES – Investing in specialized training and lifelong learning ensures staff can deliver exceptional care that best meets the changing needs of our Senior and Veteran populations. ($20,000)


  • Purchase 10 new fully integrated bath lifts (10 @ $20,485 each) to allow residents to enjoy a secure and comfortable bathing routine. With the lift, staff safely transport residents from their beds or wheelchairs into the bath. 

  • Replace one Carendo shower chair ($16,620) for residents who use wheelchairs to ensure a comfortable and safe experience during their shower routines. The chair enables a single caregiver to perform the entire hygiene routine, including dressing/undressing and showering in a single transfer.

  • Ensure residents are comfortable and staff can prevent and heal pressure injuries with new specialized mattresses and cushions.  Various makes and models are needed throughout the year to meet the evolving medical needs of residents ($25,000 overall cost). 

  • 25 of 50 PURCHASED Provide residents with a good night’s sleep with 50 new mattresses (25 @ 480 each). Some of our mattresses have reached their life span of approximately eight years.

  • Purchase four palliative care carts (4 @ $1,945 each).  Families use these carts while visiting with their loved ones at the end of life.  Carts are equipped with items to provide comfort, such as music, blankets, tea, etc. 

  • Improve comfort and safety for residents during hygiene routines with specialized shower commodes (12 regular @ $2,000 each, 3 bariatric @ $3,900 each). 

  • Provide Seniors and Veterans with mobility limitations the opportunity to participate in programs and activities with a new bariatric wheelchair ($7,880). 

  • Purchase four Sleeper Chairs (4 @ $5,000 each) to provide families with comfort and reduce anxiety while staying with a loved one at the end of life.

  • Ensure residents are safe and comfortable during lifts with a new Sara lift ($12,265) and Maxi lift ($8,475).

  • ALREADY PURCHASED Help residents regain mobility with two trainers to complement residents’ current physiotherapy regimen.  The sit-to-stand trainer and active/passive trainers meet the various needs of residents based on their current mobility status (1 sit-to-stand trainer, 1 active/passive trainer). 



  • 1 of 3 FUNDED Enhance the safety of residents and their families by repairing the sidewalks and ramps surrounding the three residences (2 @ $30,000 each). 
  • Provide comfortable seating to guests of the Respite House while visiting the secure patio (outdoor patio furniture $4,450)
  • FULLY FUNDED Create accessible access to Perley Health’s Cenotaph grounds, allowing all members of the Perley Health community to visit the monument safely.



  • Create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for Seniors and Veterans to enjoy a variety of therapeutic recreation programming in their unit activity rooms (6 rooms @ $10,000 each).  
  • Purchase two magic tables for Seniors and Veterans living with dementia.  This therapeutic equipment is an innovative, interactive tool designed to enhance the lives of those living with dementia. It has been shown to positively impact the quality of life of those living in long-term care (2 tables @ $20,180 each). 
  • Provide Seniors and Veterans with fully accessible activity space for outdoor recreation programming ($30,000). This new space would be open for various outdoor games and activities that all Seniors, Veterans and their families could participate in, no matter their abilities and mobility limitations.



  • Project and equipment urgent needs that arise during the year.