Priority needs

Priority Needs List

Perley Health's Resident Priority Needs List for 2022

Supporting exceptional care for Seniors and Veterans at Perley Health.


  • OZERDINC GRIMES FAMILY THERAPEUTIC RECREATION AND CREATIVE ARTS PROGRAM supporting innovative programs for everyone at Perley Health ($160,000).
  • SUMMER YOUTH VOLUNTEER PROGRAMasupporting youth volunteers during the school break ($4,000).
  • SPECIALIZED TRAINING AND STAFF BURSARIES – investing in specialized training and learning ensures staff can deliver exceptional care that best meets the changing needs of our Senior and Veteran populations ($27,000).



  • Replace three portable bladder scanners (3 @ $7,500 each) to perform a quick, easy and noninvasive scan of the bladder to evaluate the need for catheterization accurately. 

  • Procure three new lifts (1 SARA Lift @ $9,500, 2 Maxi 500 @ $7,000 each) to assist residents with safe transfers. 

  • Purchase seven powered shower chairs (7 @ $11,500 each) to ensure residents who use wheelchairs have a comfortable and safe experience during their bathing routines. 

  • Increase the number of specialized mattresses to provide a comfortable rest to residents by helping prevent and heal pressure injuries (1 Bariatric Adapt Pro Air Mattress @ $7,500, 1 Adapt Pro Air Mattress @ $5,750, 1 Bariatric APM2 @ $4,375, 6 AMP2 Mattresses at $2,800 each). 

  • Purchase commercial grade steamers (3 @ $4,500 each) to clean and prepare mobility equipment for use by Seniors and Veterans. 

  • Purchase four palliative care carts (4 @ $1,275 each). Carts are used by families while visiting with their loved ones. Carts are equipped with items to provide comfort, such as music, blankets, tea, etc. 

  • Purchase six vital sign machines (6 @ $3,800 each) to easily monitor and read blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and oxygen saturation. 

  • Procure three Broda chairs (3 @ $4,700 each) to provide residents with tilt-in-space positioning chairs which prevent skin breakdown by reducing heat and moisture.

  • Purchase thirteen commodes (1 bariatric commode @ $1,500, 12 @ $1,100 each) to provide comfortable and safe hygiene routines. 

  • Purchase three blanket warmers (3 @ $6,400 each). The warm blankets provide comfort to Seniors and Veterans and help soothe and calm a nervous resident. 

  • Upgrade all fourteen commercial toasters (14 @ $1,795 each) – because toast may be the ultimate comfort food! 



  • Enhance outdoor space for residents and tenants for enjoyment by all ($15,000).



  • Transformation of Rideau One North unit into a secure unit for Veterans living with dementia ($50,000).



  • Support for funds for unexpected needs that may arise during the year.