Priority needs

Priority Needs List

Perley Health's Resident Priority Needs List for 2021

Your support makes a difference in the lives of seniors and Veterans who call Perley home


  • THERAPEUTIC RECREATION AND CREATIVE ARTS – Substantial evidence continues to accumulate about the benefits to seniors and Veterans who participate in recreation and creative arts activities. Your support will help to fund the program to meet the needs of ALL residents who call Perley Health home ($135,000).
  • BURSARIES – Investing in life-long learning enables staff to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of care ($15,000).
  • SUMMER YOUTH VOLUNTEER PROGRAM – Funding the Summer Youth Volunteer program ($4,000).



  • Vital sign machines (14 @ $3,188 each) to easily monitor and read blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and oxygen saturation.
  • Lifts (20 scanners @ 7,500 each) to assist residents with safe transfers.
  • Broda chairs (5 @ $3,490 each) to provide residents with tilt-in-space positioning chairs which prevents skin breakdown by reducing heat and moisture. 
  • MolecuLight system ($16,385) to provide safe wound care using violet light to produce an image of the fluorescent bacteria living in the wound. The MolecuLight digitally measures the wound size for a more accurate assessment of the wound healing rate.
  • Housekeeping carts (15 @ $3,000 each) to support the enhanced cleaning measures to meet best practices in Infection Prevention and Control.
  • Flu Buggy cart ($3,000) to use for mobile vaccination clinics and Infection Prevention and Control just-in-time training.
  • Specialized mattresses (9 AMP2 mattresses @ $2,800 each) to provide a comfortable rest to residents by helping prevent and heal ulcers.
  • Bariatric commode ($1,070) to provide safe toileting, showering and hygiene routines for larger adults.     



  • All 450 rooms will receive an interior upgrade to create an environment where seniors and Veterans feel at home in their personal space.
  • Cost for one room: $590 (170 rooms already completed, 280 rooms to be renovated).
  • Due to COVID-19 and provincial directive of only allowing essential visitors to come on site, the Home Sweet Home project has been deferred until 2022. Resident safety is our number one priority. 



  • Project and equipment needs that arise during the year.