Team Perley Rideau

Team Perley Rideau is answering the call to protect and support seniors and Veterans now and into the future by fundraising for the Perley Rideau Foundation. Thank you for joining the team! Here you'll find all the resources you need to maximize your fundraising and make the most out of your race. 

Reporting Your Race Times

Step-by-Step Instructions - Upload Results through Runkeeper App

How to Video - Reporting using Runkeeper App

Step-by-Step Instructions - Upload Results Manually

Fundraising Tips

2021 Team Toolkit - Fundraising Ideas

How to Video - Personalize your Ottawa Race Weekend Fundraising Page


2021 Team Toolkit - Donation Request

2021 Team Toolkit - Sponsor a Runner Form

2021 Team Toolkit - Donation Thank you

How to Video - Make a Donation to Sponsor a Runner

2021 Team Toolkit - Team Member Recruitment

How to Video - Register for Ottawa Race Weekend

2021 Team Toolkit - Social Media Posts

2021 Team Toolkit - Matching Gift Graphic

Team Spirit ~ Staying Connected while Staying Apart

Zoom Drop-in Speaker Series

Zoom Drop-in Registration

Team Perley Rideau Playlist

Team Perley Rideau Fundraising Prizes

Team Perley Rideau on Strava

Additional Resources

Team Perley Rideau Letterhead

Team Perley Rideau Bingo Card

Team Perley Rideau Email Signature - Support Me

Team Perley Rideau Email Signature - Join Team

How to Video - Add a Team Perley Rideau Email Signature on Outlook

Zoom Drop-in ~ Dennis' Training Slides

Zoom Drop-in ~ Paul's Fundraising Slides

Step-by-Step Instructions - Choose the Charity for your Green Bib