You Make Exceptional Care for Seniors and Veterans Possible

Making sure that residents are safe, receiving the very best care and experiencing the highest quality of life is something that is my daily focus as the CEO of Perley Health.

As we begin a new year, with the challenges of another year of pandemic living, I want you to know that you strengthen our ability to deliver exceptional care every day. 

Together we have navigated these difficult times. I hope you will continue to support us as we recover from the impact of COVID-19 and work toward our vision of transforming care for Seniors and Veterans at Perley Health and across Canada. 

Your donation has never been more needed than it is today.

Each year, our team develops a Resident Priority Needs List with one central purpose; to ensure that Seniors and Veterans can live life to the fullest with the care and comfort they deserve. 

Your donation helps continually raise the bar on exceptional care. When you look at the list for 2022, imagine the impact your support will have on the lives of residents. 

Think of a warm blanket to soothe a resident who is feeling anxious, a specialized mattress that reduces pressure injuries, or a motorized hygiene chair that enhances comfort and dignity while bathing for someone living in a wheelchair.

Picture a Veteran living with dementia being safe in the newly renovated secure unit specially designed for his or her needs. Imagine seeing the joy in the face of a Senior who has discovered, late in life, their inner artist in the Art Studio. 

You make these scenarios possible when you donate to Perley Health.

In a couple of months, it will be two years since COVID-19 came into all our lives. Its arrival and ongoing presence have touched every aspect of life at Perley Health. We have managed to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on operations, but simply put; our people have paid a significant emotional price. 

Staff have shown incredible resiliency and dedication to providing safe, compassionate, and exceptional care to Seniors and Veterans throughout the pandemic. But it has come at the cost of their well-being, often impacting physical and mental health, home life and pride in their chosen career. 

Empowered by your giving, staff are at the centre of providing exceptional care. I believe there has never been a more crucial time to invest in the people of Perley Health. 

The 2022 Priority Needs list includes investing in specialized training, bursaries and innovative learning for our staff. This investment will improve care and lift the spirits of dedicated, hardworking people who have chosen to work in the challenging long-term care sector. 

Our people were there, and continue to be there when residents and families needed them. I am personally committed to being there for them as they cope with the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Will you join me by donating today?

With your continued support, Perley Health will stay the course to recover from the pandemic and sustain exceptional care for Seniors, Veterans, and their families.

Please accept my best wishes for the coming year.

Yours truly,

Akos Hoffer

Son, Donor, Chief Executive Officer at Perley Health

PS: Click here to view the Resident Priority Needs List for 2022. I invite you to review it to understand better the impact your donation will have this year in the lives of Seniors and Veterans and the staff who care for them.