Wally Herman inspires Team Perley Health

At 96 years young, Wally Herman’s running days are behind him. But that doesn’t stop his legacy from encouraging staff, volunteers, friends and family of Perley Health, as they prepare to run or walk this upcoming Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

“We participate in Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend to support men and women like Wally,” says Courtney Rock, Director of Development with the Perley Health Foundation “Reading about his accomplishments is motivation enough, but speaking with him and knowing that we’re helping to support great care for Seniors and Veterans, now that’s inspiring!”

Wally’s running record is impressive. He has run marathons in over 99 countries and was still running in his early nineties. He kept a meticulous record of each race he ran - 726 in total – including his finishing times. Although he no longer runs, he enjoys participating in exercise classes at Perley Health. Wally’s son Robert believes that a lifetime of running helped keep his father focused on what really matters. “He was able to forget about the little things that aren’t important. It was his outlet. Dad was and continues to be a happy and kind man, and there’s no question that running shaped his outlook on life.”

Wally served his country as a telegrapher on a corvette in the Second World War. He helped escort ships across the mid-Atlantic, evading Nazi submarines. He now lives in the Rideau Veterans Residence at Perley Health and is proud to cheer everyone on.

Pictured is wally Herman at 83, and now at 96 giving Team Perley Health members an encouraging thumbs up!

Money raised by runners and walkers supports exceptional care for Seniors and Veterans.  While government funding provides for adequate care, events like Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend helps to raise the bar and ensure that Seniors and Veterans have every opportunity to enjoy healthy, fulfilling, and dignified lives. 

This year individuals are running and walking races from the 2km to the full marathon. Each is united in their desire to ensure that residents like Wally continue to enjoy the best care – and are inspired to know that he is cheering them on.

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