Transforming Care for all Veterans and Seniors


Generous donors have long supported Perley Health because they know the difference it makes in the day-to-day lives of the Seniors and Veterans who live here. Every donation, regardless of size, helps to ensure that residents receive top-quality care.

Perley Health is rooted in the selflessness of Veterans—the men and women who answered the call when Canada was in need, often risking their lives for their country. In appreciation of Veterans’ service, Canadians established a network of hospitals and convalescent homes across the country to provide top-quality care. In 1995, three of these were amalgamated to create Perley Health. The expertise and knowledge amassed along the way have inspired Perley Health to pursue a larger goal: to transform care for all Veterans and Seniors—not only those who live at Perley Health. Throughout 2022, donors expressed overwhelming support for our new goal.

It is widely understood that Canada’s healthcare and long-term care systems are in crisis. Due to an ageing population, the problem will likely worsen in the coming decades. Perley Health proposes an appropriate solution: develop, validate and implement new models of care. And Perley Health has all of the elements needed to accomplish this task: dedicated, experienced staff; a proven ability to continuously improve quality of care; supportive families, and government, healthcare and educational partners.

Thanks to the support of donors, more older adults and Veterans have an opportunity to live life to the fullest. Three years ago, donor support enabled Perley Health to take a giant step toward our larger goal by establishing of the Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care (CoE). The CoE conducts and shares the practical research needed to transform care for Seniors and Veterans—research about the efficacy of specific interventions and care practices, for instance, and about the best ways ttrain caregivers. 

Since its establishment, the CoE has rapidly matured into a thriving, respected hub of research and knowledge mobilization. Peer-reviewed journals increasingly feature CoE research—studies about a proven fallsprevention program and a collaborative approach to the development of care in long-term care homes. With many additional studies underway, the CoE continues to attract a growing number of research partners. As a result, relevant innovations and knowledge are widely shared, and used to train professional caregivers, educate students and shape public policy. Ultimately, quality of care improves for all Seniors and Veterans.

Our Answering the Call Campaign is raising the funds needed to transform care for Veterans and Seniors. To date, the Campaign has raised well over $9.2 million—a clear indication that you believe in our larger vision! Thanks to your ongoing support, loyalty and trust, I’m confident we can fully realize the vision. Canada’s older adults and their families are forever grateful.

More than a century ago, a group of progressive, compassionate Ottawans established the Perley Home for the Incurables—a residence dedicated to providing top-quality care. While Perley Health has evolved significantly since then, its commitments to delivering top-quality care and continuous improvement remain constant. The Answering the Call Campaign aims to build on this legacy. Each donation brings us a step closer to our goal. Together, we can transform care for Veterans and Seniors.

Written by Delphine Haslé, CFRE