There are many reasons why Perley Health feels like home. You play such a big part in this.

That warm, cozy feeling that welcomes you when you walk through the front doors of Perley Health doesn't just happen by chance. That welcoming vibe has simply become part of who we are.

As you walk through the halls you'll see residents laughing at a private joke, families enjoying a stroll together, stopping along the way to admire the beautiful artwork on the walls. You'll see staff cherrily greeting everyone they meet, going above and beyond to ensure each resident is happy, safe, and feels at home.  

You can imagine that in my six years as CEO, I've had ample opportunity to take it all in.  There are many reasons why Perley Health feels like home. You play such a big part in this.

Your donations have contributed to this modern, comfortable and safe environment for seniors and Veterans. Because of you, Perley Health is a special place, with a beautiful, homelike atmosphere. Thank you!

Quite simply, we would not be able to continually improve our facilities, provide innovative and creative programming options, and deliver the care these residents deserve without your generosity.  That's why I hope you will reaffirm your commitment to seniors and Veterans at the Perley Health with a donation today.

Ever since I first joined the Perley Health staff in 2008, it has continued to innovate and evolve. The organization made a conscious decision to not just meet, but exceed the standards of care for the aging population and the seniors in our care. And we're taking those best pracitces one step further. Through the Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care, we have begun to develop and research our own best practices.

I'm sure you'll agree - there's room for improvement when it comes to caring for seniors, particularly those that require full-time support.  Yet, there's actually very little research or interest in areas that focus on caring versus curing.  

Your suport this year will help break new ground in research for seniors' care, and find better ways to provide seniors with the treatment and support they want.  Thanks to you, Perley Health has become a leader in this area, and I'm forever grateful to you, and the community of donors whose spupport has made our home the model for others to follow.

Our goal, always, is to offer seniors and Veterans the best possible quality of life.  Now, it would be impossible to do so without your kind support.  Your gifts to date have been critical to providing resident with superior care and comfort every single day.  

Your gifts, always is to offer seniors and Veterans the best possible quality of life.  Now, it would be impossible to do so without your kind support.  Your gifts to date have been critical to providing residents with superior care and comfort every single day.

Your gifts helped jumpstart the tub and shower room renovations, which were showing their age after 25 years of daily use.  What were once industrial-looking bathrooms now have the warm lighting, modern features and upgraded fixtures you might find in your own home.  The residents are much more comfortable and relxed in these spaces, which allows for a safer, more dignified experience for all.  Once again, your kindness allowed for these extra touches that make Perley Health feel like home.

Your support also helped purchase more Hi-Lo beds in 2019.  You and I likely get our of bed each morning without a second thought.  However, seniors and Vetereans who might be frail or less mobile, these beds offer the ability to adjust the height so they can get up and out of bed when they need to.

Not only do these improvements provide dignity and respect to those living here, but they also provide a safer, more efficient and enjoyable working environment for staff.  That's important to them, because new equipemtn and updated workplaces demonstrate that donors like you are behind them.

Most importantly, it has a huge impact on residents living in the long-term care gome but also for those who are joining us for a shorter stay in the Sub-Acute Care for Frail Elderly (SAFE) unit.  This new and innovative level of care offered by Perley Health improves the health and well-being of frail, elderly patients hospitalized due to surgery, illness or accident.  This special 20-bed unit allows these patients access to the medical and rehabilitative supports they need to recover and return home.

We’ve all heard about hallway healthcare, where people are literally on stretchers in the hallway, waiting for a room, sometimes for days on end. Even once they’re in a room, it’s certainly not a homelike environment. 

So when we admit those patients to the SAFE Unit, they are tremendously grateful for the design of Perley Health and the way that it’s been maintained and upgraded. With funding growing increasingly scarce, some long-term care homes can begin to look tired and worn. But thanks to the donations from you and others, Perley Health is able to offer a fresh, functional, personalized environment for residents.

Every day, I see the impact that you have on seniors.
Did you know that residents can participate in a wide range of creative and recreational programming? These activities are made possible through your generosity and your impact is truly profound.  We sometimes have to entice new residents to give it a try, because they’ve often never done woodworking, painting or pottery. Once they do, they keep going back because they find it so rewarding! 

I can see the effect that these fulfilling activities have on their outlook, energy and quality of life. It’s more than just arts and crafts; this programming enhances creativity and decision-making, and creates more opportunity for residents to socialize. By funding this very special program year over year, you’re giving seniors a renewed sense of purpose, and filling their days with meaningful activities. 

With your help, Perley Health is leading the way in gathering even more evidence that proves how important these recreational and artistic programs are for seniors. What’s more, this research means we have insight into the latest therapeutic techniques, and can implement them right away. 

That’s why I sincerely hope you will help us start the year off right and support Perley Health. The therapeutic recreation and creative arts program is pivotal to the exceptional care we’re so proud to offer. 

In addition to this program, there are also equipment items we’ve prioritized for 2020. All of these items are carefully selected with input from both residents and staff, and are crucial to the caring, comfortable, and dignified experience you help us provide. 

For example, one of these items is a hand-held ultrasound bladder scanner. We are in need of 11 of them, which perform easy, non-invasive scans of bladders to safely evaluate whether a resident needs a catheter. This can help prevent uncomfortable or unnecessary procedures. 

Your renewed support this year will help all seniors and Veterans at Perley Health. With your support, we can provide high quality, compassionate care and continue important research into best practices for seniors’ care. 

Thank you so much for your help!

Akos Hoffer, MHSc, CHE
CEO of Perley Health
Proud Donor