New leadership at Perley Health to usher in a new era in care for Veterans and seniors

Perley Health is delighted to announce that the Boards of Directors of both the Health Centre and the Foundation elected new Chairs. The Boards—and the organizations they oversee—are independent, although they collaborate extensively. Perley Health empowers seniors and Veterans to reach their full potential and live their best possible life at any stage of the aging process. Our Seniors Village is currently home to 600 seniors, including approximately 200 Veterans. The Perley Health Foundation is the engine powering our mission to achieve excellence in the health, safety, and well-being of seniors and Veterans.

Margaret Tansey, the new Chair of the Health Centre’s Board of Directors, trained and worked as a Registered Nurse before moving into increasingly senior positions in healthcare management, most recently as Vice-President Professional Practice and Chief Nurse Executive at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group.

Louise Mercier, the new Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, has established and nurtured strong ties with Canada’s defence community during a stellar career, where she is currently the Senior Vice-President of Rubicon Strategy. The combination of Mercier’s energy and experience in bringing value to key stakeholders, promises to expand our donor’s impact on Perley Health’s strong record of innovation.

To fund much-needed research in how we care for aging Canadians, the Perley Health Foundation launched Answering the Call, a $10 million fundraising campaign. The vision of this campaign is both ambitious and clear – to transform care for the millions of seniors and Veterans living with frailty across Canada while continuing to honour our commitment of exceptional care for our residents.

The co-chairs of the campaign are John Jarvis and Micheal Burch, while Peter Mansbridge serves as honorary chair. Most recently, Commissionaires Ottawa has pledged their support with a flagship donation of $2 million to our Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care.

Ms. Tansey and Mme Mercier are coming together to drive the innovation needed to meet Canada’s demographic challenge and to ensure that seniors and Veterans can lead happy, joyful lives as they are cared for with dignity.