Nepean Kings partner with Perley Health Vets for the Good Deeds Cup


Nepean Kings Good Deeds Cup

Members of the Nepean Raiders Peewee B Team K (Kings) wanted to give back to their community.  Visiting with and learning from the Veterans at Perley Health just made sense.  Team members were inspired to go beyond thinking of their hockey heroes to honour those heroes who fought and sacrificed for Canada.

On December 9th, the Kings came bearing baked goods and bringing some of their favourite books to share with the Veterans.  The boys asked questions about the Wars, and about what life was like for the men and women when they were their age.  In turn, the boys were asked questions about their hockey playing, their school and home life, and their plans for the upcoming Christmas holidays!  Team members also learned a new song, joining some of the Vets in a round of It's a Long Way To Tipperary!  

The Nepean Kings are participating in the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup, an initiative that promotes community involvement and encourages teams to understand the impact their good deeds can and do have in building strong Canadian communities.  

Understanding the importance and magnitude of the sacrifices that Canada's Veterans have made is something the Nepean Kings have committed to.  In addition to visiting with the Veterans, the team attended a Remembrance Day service together, and have a trip to the Canadian War Museum coming up -  as well as more visits to Perley Health!  

Hockey was a common bond between the players and veterans, evoking the universality of the sport that, through darker parts of history, brought a Canadian hockey light to places like the Imjin River, where soldiers fighting in the Korean War played hockey games for scores of spectators in the midst of the conflict. Sharing stories with Veterans from World War II, the Korean War, and peacekeeping missions over the decades brought home the true values of service, citizenship, and teamwork to the players.

The boys are leraning about what it means to be a hero - on and off the ice.  You can watch their video submission above.  To support the Kings and the Perley Health Foundation, like and share the video whenever you can, and click here to make a donation today!