Love Knows No Bounds

Laird & Diane

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had to make the gut-wrenching decision of placing someone you love in long-term care, but I can tell you from firsthand experience that it’s a difficult time in life marked by resistance, worry, guilt, and sleepless nights.

Frankly, I was dead set against anyone but me caring for my dear wife, Diane after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. But, seven years as her live-in caregiver were taking a toll on my health, and a nurse told me that getting my wife of 25 years into long-term care would be the best thing for both our health.

Still, I resisted and had second thoughts right up to the day, almost three years ago, when I brought Diane to live at Perley Health. I didn’t sleep that night, wandering around a home we had shared for more than 25 years. I sleep better these days, knowing the kind of care and quality of life Diane receives each and every day. Gratitude is one of the many reasons I am a monthly donor to the Perley Health Foundation.

I still miss having Diane at home, but I know how lucky our family is to have her at Perley Health. The staff here don’t just look after Diane; they care about her. That’s what I hoped for in my heart while grappling with the decision to place Diane in long-term care - a team of people who go beyond simply doing a job by genuinely and compassionately caring.

So many people at Perley Health feel like family to me because they care for Diane so well: Maya, Karen, Terrence, Joy, and Sachiko and an entire organization of hundreds of people committed to providing person-centred care, a kind of care I believe in.

When I think back on Diane’s amazing career helping hundreds of homeless people, I know she witnessed firsthand the profound impact that small acts of kindness can have on someone’s life. She firmly believed every individual deserves to be seen, heard, and treated with respect.

Your generosity is crucial in upholding the standard of care Seniors and Veterans will receive. While the government aids in delivering basic care, it is philanthropic support that enables individuals like Diane, to fully embrace life's opportunities. Your donation ensures that an individual can thrive and live their best life at any stage of the aging process.