Join Us in Doing the Right Thing

The philosophy of doing the right thing has been the guiding principle of my career as a nurse. From nursing school to now, as Perley Health’s Director of Nursing, I know that ensuring older adults live life to the fullest is the right thing to do. As a loyal donor, you are helping us do the right thing daily.

Sometimes, your impact is a cup of tea and a cookie at 2 am for a daughter spending time with her dad in his last days. It’s playing music softly and projecting images of dancing butterflies on the ceiling of a resident’s room to help a cherished wife living with Alzheimer’s fall asleep.

With your renewed support, you can directly impact the quality of life for the people we love today and in the future. As Canada’s population ages at the fastest rate in history, we must do our part today.

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Doing the right thing is also a guiding principle that staff apply daily. This often means listening patiently and paying attention to the little things that matter most. We all dream of transforming how Seniors and Veterans are cared for. Our interdisciplinary care team, including support services is proud of their work, driven by curiosity, and inspired by you. And I couldn’t be prouder of the people I work with or more thankful for your belief in our life’s work.

Your impact on residents’ quality of life and peace of mind for families is immense. Really, we could not do the right things without you.

Today, I am asking you to donate to support our vision of every Senior and Veteran living life to the fullest because you have fuelled Perley Health’s care, research, innovation and growth. Please join us in making this exciting vision a reality.

While little things matter when it comes to the quality of life for Seniors and Veterans, so do data, research and innovation. The dedicated researchers and frontline staff at Perley Health are combing through big data to rapidly improve pain management, wound care, and many more care practices.

Your donation will support research that transforms care for Seniors and Veterans. Imagine the lives you will make better.

Because of donor-supported research, innovation and knowledge sharing, Perley Health is increasingly considered a go-to organization for transforming care by other long-term care homes and healthcare associations.

When a small, long-term care home in rural Ontario called our team to learn how to implement best practices in palliative care and wound care, we were ready to answer the call because you invested in implementation science. Our team was able to go to this home and share our knowledge and expertise. Now, we know we are one step closer to transforming care for Seniors and Veterans everywhere. We are grateful that you are on this transformational journey with us.

Will you continue on this journey by donating today? There are many more steps to take and more opportunities to do the right thing, and we need you.

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Despite the challenges those of us who work in long-term care faced through COVID, I am unwaveringly hopeful. I see things returning to normal with resident activities and socializing. I see co-workers energized by your support, proud of their work and committed to continuous quality improvement.
I see better stories about long-term care on the horizon with you by our side.

Thank you for believing in doing the right thing and positively impacting the story of long-term care so that the people we care for have a better quality of life. Please consider honouring us with a donation today.

Best wishes,
Rachel de Kemp, RN, BScN, MHA
Director of Nursing and proud donor
Perley Health

PS: Your renewed support will be the fuel that drives innovation, rapid adoption of best practices and enhanced quality of life for more Seniors and Veterans.