International Women's Day High Tea

By Peter McKinnon

More than 200 people attended the second edition of the International Women’s Day High Tea fundraiser, now an annual event. Attendees honoured women Veterans, including those who call Perley Health home, and  raised $4,755. Speakers included Deputy Minister of Defence Jody Thomas and Maj. (Ret’d) Sandra Perron, Perley Health Foundation Board member. The Canadian Military Wives Choir Ottawa and the Army Voices Choir serenaded the room with stirring renditions of old and new classics. Special shawls handmade by Mylène Levesque were presented to some of Perley Health’s newest Women Veterans. 

During the Second World War, 50,000 women served as nurses, radio operators, truckers and in other military roles. Many more – 1.2 million – provided support on the homefront, in manufacturing and in the service industry; an estimated 4,000 women worked in construction. “While they worked these full-time jobs, the women also raised children, and took care of households and the elderly,” said Sandra Perron. “And in their spare time, they knitted mitts and scarves to help the war effort.” Perron described these women as pioneers. “They paved the road for people like me to serve in the infantry and we owe them our admiration and respect.” Thank you to everyone who participated and showed their appreciation for the women who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Special thank you to our generous sponsors: Commissionaires Ottawa and Beechwood Cemetery.