Impact of the Professional Development Fund from a Staff Perspective

My name is Carolyn Young-Steinberg and for almost four years, I have had the privilege of serving as a Resident Care Liaison here at Perley Health. Before this, I worked in our Assisted Living Program for High Risk Seniors within the community and the new
apartments. In transitioning from community care to a position in the realm of long-term care, I recognized the value in enhancing my skills and training to better serve our residents, clients, and their families through the application of best practices and more indepth
knowledge related to person-centred advocacy and the delivery of social work services.

In this regard, because of the generous support of the Perley Health Foundation donors I have been able to complete numerous social work courses by distance studies through the University of Victoria. Perley Health continues to demonstrate a commitment to excellence in person-centered care and to ongoing improvement through the alignment with leading best practices including providing access to progressive and comprehensive social work services and related support. Through my studies supported by the Professional Development Fund, I have been able to further develop in areas such as strength-based counseling allowing to me have more informed and meaningful conversations when working alongside residents and families and refining the assessments, recommendations, and support that I provide. Also, I feel that I am becoming better equipped to advocate beside our Residents who are most often the best authority of their own experience and care needs.

Specific courses I have completed have helped me critically reflect on my personal practices along with values and assumptions related to my approaches to care. I have been able to develop a profound appreciation for the many unique gifts and diversity found within our Perley Health community as well as how to better work collaboratively in tackling some fundamental social justice issues that I hold near and dear to my heart.

I am very grateful to be part of such a supportive organization that not only recognizes but invests in the life-long learning and skill development of its employees. I also want to take the opportunity to recognize my supervisor who has been very encouraging of my educational endeavours. Thank you again to supporters of the Professional Development Fund for helping me to remain at the forefront of care while becoming better able to enhance the quality of life of those we serve.

Carolyn Young-Steinberg