I'm running for...

This May, Team Perley Health will participate in Ottawa Race Weekend while raising funds for the Foundation.  Team member Lisa says:

"I am running for my grandfather, John R. Newell, who lives at Perley Health. He moved in last June and is so pleased with the kind of care he has received - my family and I are impressed too!  My grandfather is a Second World War Veteran and was a flying instructor in the Air Force.  He flew a type of plane called a ‘Fleet Finch’. He recently recreated a wooden model of the plane in the Creative Arts Studio - it’s quite amazing!   

All of the staff at Perley Health are so friendly and make a point of knowing both residences and family by name.  They always greet my grandfather with a smile and checking to make sure he has everything he needs. He loves all activities provided, whether that be physical, mental or social. He has always been an artist throughout his life so having the Creative Arts Studio on campus is great. He painted an image of poppies that was used for the Christmas card that John Fraser sent out last season. Having these opportunities for creative expression is so important to him.     

My grandfather is now 95 years old. I am so proud to run for him and to raise funds for the Perley Health Foundation – a place he now calls home."

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