Thank you for the new vaccine cart!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We've already reached our $3000 goal to purchase a new vaccine cart! Any additional funds raised will go towards the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

2021 at Perley Health has already been full of positives. When staff received news that the COVID-19 vaccine could be rolled out to residents, we jumped into action. On Tuesday January 5th, 100 residents received the first dose of the vaccine from the comfort of their own home. The next day, another 150 residents were vaccinated! 

With more doses set to be administered, and second doses on the horizon, our vaccine cart was in desperate need of an upgrade. The right equipment makes for a safe and easy process for all. 

The votes are in, the team has spoken. Perley Health's new flu buggy cart which will help nurses deliver the COVID-19 vaccine and beyond will be known as "The Vac Mobile"

Thank you for making this cart possible and submitting your name suggestions!