Champion of Care: Ralph Palces, RPN

Kindness and Compassion are at the Core of Your Support

For Noreen, Perley Health is more than just a place of care and comfort for her husband, John, who is living with dementia. It is a lifeline that has allowed her to reclaim a semblance of normalcy in her own life. Her days were once consumed by her role as John’s caregiver, but now that the challenges of caregiving are lifted, Noreen is able to cherish moments of respite. She can breathe again knowing that John is receiving the utmost care at Perley Health.

But it isn't just the clinical care at Perley Health that stands out to Noreen; it is the human touch, and the gestures of kindness and compassion she witnesses regularly on her visits.

Etched in Noreen's memory is the gentle grace of Ralph, a Registered Practical Nurse whose compassion knows no bounds. She recalls it was during mealtime that she noticed Ralph's kindness shining brightly, his demeanor radiating patience and understanding. Noreen watched with admiration as Ralph assisted a resident who was distressed and disoriented, and struggling with the simple act of eating.

Ralph cropped.jpegRalph Palces, RPN extraordinaire, shines as a true Champion of Care for residents at Perley Health.

"I am so grateful to the staff and donors for the level of care my husband, John, receives. I feel comforted knowing he is living his best life possible."

~Noreen, grateful spouse

Ralph, like a guardian angel, wrapped his arm around the resident, offering comfort in his embrace. With soothing words and a tender touch, Ralph coaxed the resident to take each bite, his reassuring presence calming the storm within.

What touched Noreen's heart even more was how Ralph addressed the resident as "Dad." In that simple word lay a universe of comfort, a reminder of familial love that transcended the confines of his distress. It was a gesture that not only eased the resident's troubled mind, but also resonated deeply with Noreen, reassuring her that her husband is in caring hands even when she is not there.

Inspired by Ralph and the tireless efforts of the staff who care for her husband every day, Noreen decided to make a donation in their honour to the Perley Health Foundation. Her thoughtful gift recognizes staff for their dedication and compassionate care with a commemorative pin and personalized certificate, while also continuing to support the essential programs, equipment and research initiatives at Perley Health.

If you would like to honour a staff member as a Champion of Care for their exceptional service, please contact Courtney Rock at 613-526-7170 x7177 or email for more information.