Celebrating exceptional care at Perley Health

Back in August, two dozen Perley Health residents became our Century Club’s newest members. They are all 100 or older! Can you imagine that? 

As a Recreation Therapist at Perley Health, it brings me joy to see residents reach and surpass the century mark. Celebrating with them at our annual Century Club party is always one of my best days at a job I love. 

Because of you, we can enrich the quality of life of Seniors and Veterans through the Therapeutic Recreation and Creative Arts Program. This innovative program is made available to every resident through a generous community. 

Your donation today will ensure all residents will have access to activities that enhance their health and happiness all year long. 

You support our residents’ physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs. You help Seniors and Veterans feel better, do more and live life to the fullest. They experience less loneliness and isolation and live lives filled with personalized care, social interaction and discovering new passions and creative pursuits. 

Whenever I see a smile on a Veteran’s face or hear a group of seniors laughing, I often wish loyal donors like you could be there to see the joy you bring. 

As one of our most generous donors, you are making life better for residents like Peter Lambros, a wonderful man who has been a resident since 2015. Born in 1922, Peter is a Veteran of the Second World War and the newest member of our Century Club. After serving Canada, Peter opened restaurants in Ottawa, including the legendary Peter’s Pantry on Richmond Road. 

When I got to know Peter, I quickly realized that his love of spending time in the kitchen was as strong as ever, even in his 90s! Inspired by Peter, my team created a pop-up version of Peter’s Pantry. Still a magician in the kitchen, Peter prepared his special Lasagna and Caesar Salad for a small group. It was a dinner filled with mouthwatering food and Peter’s noticeable pride. 

Growing up, I cared about people and looked for ways to be of service. Working at Perley Health draws on my passion for serving others and fills me with pride thinking about the care my colleagues and I deliver. One of my proudest achievements is starting the Century Club in 2017 with a former colleague. It has become a group event that I look forward to every year. 

Quality of life for residents at Perley Health is seen in many ways; individual trips to the gift shop or outside to the duck pond, flipping through a family photo album; and group programs such as, bingo, trivia, and adaptive curling. I treasure these times spent with one resident at a time as well seeing the camaraderie of residents. These one-to-one moments and group programs positively impact residents’ health, comfort and happiness. 

As one of our most generous donors, you make these precious moments possible. 
Will you donate today so Seniors and Veterans at Perley Health can continue living their best possible lives? Can I ask you to also include a happy birthday message to the 2022 Century Club members? 

Thank you for considering my request and for reading my letter. 

Stay well, 

Rachel Dobson, CTRS, Recreation Therapist, Ozerdinc Grimes Family Therapeutic Recreation and Creative Arts Program