A Home Filled with Love and Laughter

If you looked at a map of Perley Health, you’d find my office at the very heart of this wonderful place. As the new Executive Director of the Perley Health Foundation, that’s exactly where I want to be.

Working at the Foundation for the past six years, I’ve had this beautiful birds-eye view of seniors and Veterans enjoying life to the fullest at the Perley Health. Thanks to you, their days are filled with comfort, meaningful activities and opportunities to get together.

I’m so grateful to you for making all of this possible. Your gifts have filled their home with love and laughter.  

Now I’m asking you to make one more donation before the end of the year, a special one to bring the gift of warmth and comfort into the daily lives of Perley Health residents. It could be a one-time gift today, or if you would like to show your support all year long, I invite you to join the monthly giving program with regular gifts.                                                                                                                    

Sometimes, the simplest things can have the most profound impact on a resident’s wellbeing. Take the new blanket warmers, for instance – they were requested by frontline staff, who knew how comforting a warm blanket could be. Sometimes a warm embrace can make all the difference when you’re feeling lonely or stressed.

You should hear the story of George’s first day at Perley Health. He had just moved into his room, and as you can imagine, was feeling a bit uneasy in his new surroundings. Seeing this, a staff member brought George a blanket, fresh from the blanket warmer. As she wrapped it around his shoulders, his eyes lit up and the tension in his body melted away. He felt cozy and at peace.

Moments like these are why it’s a 2019 priority to provide all the residents here access to that same feeling of comfort and security, whenever they need it.

You can be part of the story.

Warm blankets have also proven to be calming for people living with dementia, as some of the Perley Health residents do. They can be especially helpful before and after a bath, providing warmth, dignity and respect in these moments of delicate vulnerability.

And by sending your special gift today, you’ll help offer all residents this level of comfort and security when it’s needed most. As we approach the end of the year, there are still residents that don’t have access to the blanket warmers and the warmth they can provide in those moments of fatigue or stress.

Recently, the daughter of another resident, Lucy, wanted to express her gratitude for the blanket warmer installed close to her mom’s room. Lucy often feels cold so having a warm blanket for her afternoon nap is like receiving a big comforting hug! They both hope the Foundation will be able to purchase blanket warmers, so everyone could enjoy the warmth and comfort of a blanket-style “hug.” At this time, unfortunately, not all residents have access to them.

Will you help me tell both Lucy and her daughter that we reached our goal? To date, with donations from friends like you, we’ve been able to purchase 13 of the 21 blanket warmers we need. Your donation today will help ensure that all residents can enjoy a warm blanket, around the clock, making a huge difference in the quality of life for seniors and Veterans like Lucy and George.

Whether you choose to make a one-time gift, or join our impactful monthly giving program to spread your gifts out over the year, this will be your last opportunity to give in 2019. I’m so grateful for your past support, and hope you will choose to end the year with a generous act that remembers and honours the seniors and Veterans at Perley Health. Thank you so much for your kindness!

In health,

Delphine Haslé, CFRE
Executive Director of the Foundation