Boot Versus Suit Challenge

Saturday, May 28, 2016

On May 28th, Daniel Clapin, Foundation Executive Director will run in the Ottawa Race Weekend’s 10k to raise money for the Perley Rideau Foundation. All funds raised will go toward the purchase of a new lift, a piece of equipment vital to making everyday activities easier for our veterans and residents.

To help raise money and awareness, another runner from the Perley Rideau and Dan have arranged a little challenge we’re calling “Boots Versus Suits.” Landon Brady, a maintenance worker, is confident that he will finish the 10k in 50 minutes or less. In honour of his 60th birthday (celebrated during race weekend), Dan plans to finish in 60 minutes or less. Whoever beats their targeted time by the largest margin wins the challenge. If Dan win, Landon, his maintenance colleague Frank, and Manager, Support Services Chad Haffner must come to work dressed up in suits; if Landon wins, three of us—Dan, Director of Communications Jay Innes and Development Officer Delphine Haslé—have to come to work in steel-toed boots, workpants and ball caps.

As a further incentive, each runner can increase his chances of winning by raising pledges. Who raise $100 worth of pledges more than other get to deduct one more minute from the final time. Donors have an opportunity to influence the outcome of Boots Versus Suits. Will you choose to support the suits or the boots?