2023 Team Perley Health Toolkit

As a member of Team Perley Health, you are raising the bar on care for Seniors and Veterans! Your support is empowing staff and lifting residents' spirits, as well as helping ensure that life-giving programs and equipment are there when they're needed.  Thank you for doing your part and supporting the men and women who call Perley Health their home!


2023 Prizes and Incentives

Fundraising Tips

How to video: personalize your Ottawa Race Weekend Fundraising Page

Fundraising Ideas


How to Video: Register for Team Perley Health

How to video: make a donation to sponsor a runner

Sponsor a Team Member Form

Team Member Recruitment - Join Team Perley Health Today!

Donation Request - Asking For Support

Donation Thank You - Thanking Your Supporters

Social Media Samples - Inspiration for Asking for Support and Sharing Your Story on Social Media

Team Spirit - Staying Connected While Staying Apart!

Team Perley Health on Strava

Team Perley Health Playlist